Summertime Reading: The Economic Argument for Environmental Protection

We've curated a number of posts from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation's current blogging initiative, "The Economic Argument for Environmental Protection," a collection of opinions from the foundation and leading economists and business and environmental experts.

George Mitchell, who was credited with pioneering the economic extraction of shale gas, supported, funded, and advocated environmental sustainability and sustainability science issues since the early 1970s, including the funding of the National Academy of Sciences' first-ever study on sustainability science.

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Is there an economic argument for environmental protection?
The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
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Finally, clean energy opportunities meet the risk-return requirements of investors. Now what?
Mindy Lubber | President | Ceres
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The economics of the 'economic argument for environmental protection'
Alan Krupnick | Senior Fellow and Co-Director | RFF Center for Energy and Climate Economics
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Solutions to climate change must come from the market and, more specifically, from business
Dr. Andrew Hoffman | Professor of Sustainable Enterprise | The University of Michigan
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Reducing barriers to, and financial costs of, renewable energy by protecting local ecosystems
Dr. Michael E. Conroy | Chairman | Equitable Origin
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The environment as an asset to economic prosperity and development
Dr. Robert Costanza | Professor of Public Policy | Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University
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Cleaner AND Cheaper Energy with Green Banks
Jeffrey Schub | Executive Director | Coalition for Green Capital
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Capitalism must evolve to solve the climate crisis
Dr. Andrew Hoffman |Professor of Sustainable Enterprise | The University of Michigan 
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Finally, a utility's bottom line driven by 100% renewables – in Texas, of all places
Chris Foster | Manager, Resource Planning and Integration | The City of Georgetown
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The views expressed by contributors to the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation's blogging initiative, "The Economic Argument for Environmental Protection," are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the foundation. 

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