September 2017 BLOG POSTS

Living on borrowed water: the cycle of water and its reuse

Water rotates all around us. In some instances, it rotates by winds and weather, in others, by energy pumping it through systems, and yet, it also rotates through the water cycle. Ultimately, we need to acknowledge that all water is "borrowed water," used and reused in many ways, carrying valuable... Read More >

The fifth wheel? Is electric storage poised to be the next big energy resource in Texas?

Most everyone has heard about the rise of wind energy in the state of Texas, recently surpassing nuclear power as our third most abundant electric energy resource, though still behind gas and coal. With the advent of small-scale and rooftop solar in addition to utility-scale solar farms, long-range... Read More >

Texas is a surprising national leader in water conservation

In her 2013 book, Big, Hot Cheap and Right, journalist Erica Greider observes that Texas is an idiosyncratic place that regularly surprises. The state is famous as the capital of the U.S. oil industry and for a pugnacious hostility to regulation and environmental protection. However, Texas is also... Read More >

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