February 2014 BLOG POSTS

Sustainability: A means to a resilient U.S. Army

A sustainable world means that our resources are in balance.  The Army strives to balance our use of resources. When our resources are in balance, when we have assured access to reliable supplies of energy and water, we are a more resilient Army.  The Army prioritizes incorporating... Read More >

The paradox of limits to growth

Editor’s Note: This opinion was originally published on August 13, 2013, and is being republished for this initiative with the author’s permission.  George and Cynthia Mitchell convened the first The Woodlands Conference, a symposium addressing the issues of sustainable... Read More >

The power of environmental DNA

Information about the living world—and about our effects on that world—is essential to responsible management of our natural resources. While technological advances of past decades have revolutionized our understanding of physical processes (think of satellite storm-tracking, for... Read More >

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