July 2015 BLOG POSTS

Bridging the energy and environmental disconnect

The energy and environmental decisions facing society and its leaders are no longer decided by titanic, lopsided, high stakes political lobbying contests alone. Science, opinion, and dollars now flow both ways on nearly every energy and environmental issue we face. And, the frontlines of energy and... Read More >

Grand challenges for Water, Texas

In 1928, an oil company laid a pipeline from New Mexico to the Houston Ship Channel to carry crude from the field to the refineries along the coast. The route of the line brought it across Gillespie County, Texas where the Pedernales River begins about an hour and a half from Austin.  At that... Read More >

Making the "invisible" nature of the water-energy relationship "visible"

The severity of the current drought in California compels an aggressive statewide effort to conserve water. In fact, the California Governor’s recently declared an unprecedented executive order (B-29-15) mandating a 25 percent statewide reduction in urban water use. 

 Meanwhile,... Read More >

Summertime reading: Achieving a Sustainable Texas

We've curated posts from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation's current blogging initiative, "Achieving a Sustainable Texas," a collection of opinions from the foundation and a number of the foundation's grantees. George Mitchell, who was credited with pioneering the economic extraction of... Read More >

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