The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation currently lends its voice to the ongoing dialogue and debate in these sustainability grantmaking programs:

Clean Energy>

Land Conservation>

Shale Sustainability>  

Sustainability Education>


The foundation also funds and operates programs for Cook’s Branch Conservancy and Galveston, and makes select grants to various other organizations that reflect the legacy, values, and vision of Cynthia and George Mitchell.

To date, Cynthia and George, and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, have distributed or pledged an estimated $800 million in grants to causes, programs, and institutions. Examples of notable legacy initiatives are archived in the website's Legacy of Philanthropy section.

Cynthia and George Mitchell were very generous people who were deeply committed to supporting the people and organizations important to them. The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation is committed to carrying out the philanthropic legacy of both Cynthia and George—supporting the issues and organizations that reflect their legacy, values, and vision. 

Updated information about grantmaking priorities and how to apply for a grant are available on this website. Also, Frequently Asked Questions regarding the foundation’s transition are available at Foundation FAQs.



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