November 2015 BLOG POSTS

Understanding the synergies of the Texas water-energy-land nexus

The state of Texas has an independent streak. Its possession of water and energy to a large extent are homegrown (and, obviously, so is its land). In regard to water resources, with the exception of the Rio Grande River to the southwest and the Red River on the northern border, nearly all the water... Read More >

Hey Texas, what about climate change?

Water is a critical resource for many sectors of the economy. Besides being used to provide basic residential services, it is widely used for industrial processes, agricultural irrigation, power generation, and livestock production. Irrigation has consistently been the largest user of water in the... Read More >

When it rains, it pours: Why Texas needs to invest in better water infrastructure

Recently, more than 125,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed in downtown Houston, the result of Hurricane Patricia-related rain swamping the sewage system.  The sheer volume of stormwater transmitted by roads and parking lots into sewers overwhelmed the capacity of the system and sewage was... Read More >

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