June 2015 BLOG POSTS

Why big data is key to maximizing water conservation's impact

In places like Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia and Texas, water supplies are declining even while cities continue to grow. For the first time, parts of the United States face a real risk of running out of water. What if it were possible to head off catastrophic water shortages... Read More >

A Day in the Life: What it Means to Advocate for the Environment

Being an environmental advocate in Texas may seem like an uphill battle, and I make no bones about the fact it most certainly is. The current political climate nationwide makes it a challenge wherever you are, but Texas is a special case. Texans pride ourselves on our uniqueness; we do everything... Read More >

Addressing the "unconventional" through science & technology

The global demand for efficient and reliable energy continues to increase as many nations try to identify an appropriate mix of energy sources to meet the daily needs of their populations and to contribute toward long-term security and economic growth.  A number of interdependent factors... Read More >

What is a conservative after all but one who conserves

"What is a conservative after all but one who conserves..." -Ronald Reagan The conservation of natural resources is not, and should not be, a partisan issue. Both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, want a strong economy, and an economy with excess waste is not as strong as it... Read More >

Water for shale oil and gas production: Can it be managed more sustainably?

The United States is becoming energy independent largely due to a technology that combines horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing.  At a recent public meeting I posed a question to the audience, “How much water is used in hydraulic fracturing?” I received a quickly delivered,... Read More >

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