April 2019 BLOG POSTS

What Texas can teach America about advanced clean energy

The current tenor of the national argument about America's energy future distracts us from a clear realization: Americans, regardless of political affiliation, overwhelmingly value the environment and clean energy. Don't take our word for it. Polling data show both conservative and more... Read More >

This Land is Your Land: The U.S. Energy Landscape

A recent Bloomberg article (Here’s How America Uses Its Land) broke down how the United States is carving up the 1.9 billion-acre land mass of 48 contiguous states into a collage of cities, farms, forests, and pastures that we use to feed ourselves, and create value for business and... Read More >

Addressing the interconnected issues of energy sprawl

In a so-called post-truth era, we are actually collecting more data on a wider variety of factors than ever before. These data sources can—and should—help us to make better decisions on a range of comprehensive issues. Communicating this data and insight, and the resulting perspectives,... Read More >

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