December 2015 BLOG POSTS

CGMF's Top Blog Posts of 2015

What does ‘getting gas right,’ water infrastructure, improving the conservation narrative, and outlawing legal loopholes have in common? They are subjects addressed in the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation’s top blog posts of 2015—opinions penned by influencers from a... Read More >

Let’s ‘get gas right’ and exploit synergies of natural gas and renewables

The energy landscape in the United States is changing. Renewable technologies like wind and solar power are on the rise, and so is natural gas. Together, these transformative trends have led to recent reductions in U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) outputs. In Texas, where wind power and natural gas are... Read More >

Pride, passion, and vision in the Texas Hill Country

There’s a lot of love and pride in the Texas Hill Country. It’s a place of rugged beauty, cool, clear swimming holes, and passionate people. Putting that love, pride, and passion into action toward a common vision is what the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) is all about. For past... Read More >

Solar energy shines bright in Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is the electric grid operator for about 80 percent of Texas’s land mass, and 90 percent of the state’s power use.  Over the last fifty years, most of the power in ERCOT has come from natural gas and coal, with some from two large... Read More >

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