April 2016 BLOG POSTS

Reducing barriers to, and financial costs of, renewable energy by protecting local ecosystems

There is no question that the environment or, in more precise terms, ecosystem services, hold great financial value. Clean air, clean water, the bats and bees that pollinate agricultural crops, the trees that absorb carbon dioxide—they all deliver benefits to the global economy. One estimate... Read More >

The idea of a public good

One of the key concepts needed to better understand the economic argument for environmental protection is the idea of a public good. When economists talk about public goods, they don’t mean just anything that’s good for the public, such as a school or hospital. Rather, to qualify as a... Read More >

The economics of the 'economic argument for environmental protection'

Doubtlessly few of this blog’s readers have taken a course in environmental economics, but as the commentaries on this blog indicate, grounding in the principles of environmental economics would be very helpful in wading through proposals for or against environmental protection. And given how... Read More >

How expensive is bad science?

In 2000, when Houston surpassed Los Angeles in the number of “high ozone days” for the first time, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) submitted their State Implementation Plan (SIP) for reducing ozone to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The plan included a ban... Read More >

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