August 2020 NEWS

How Circle of Blue investigated freshwater issues in Texas

While 70% of our planet’s surface is covered in water, only 3% of it is fresh water – and most of that is packed away in glaciers and polar ice caps, out of human reach. The limited freshwater resources that we do have access to — groundwater, lakes, rivers and ponds — are... Read More >

'Water, Texas' dives into what threatens the state's vital liquid resource

“Texas is going to have a significant confrontation between rising demand … and diminishing supplies.”Listen to the 5-minute interview between Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue's "Water, Texas" series' author, and The Texas Standard's host, David Brown, that aired on The Texas... Read More >

Circle of Blue publishes "Water, Texas"

The digital print and podcast series, to publish every Monday in August, reveals how the pandemic and an unlikely energy crisis are dramatically upending the Texas economy—and how water flows through every piece of the puzzle. Water, Texas is funded by a grant from the Cynthia and George... Read More >

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