October 2014 NEWS

The 'green conservative' movement: Big players and their uphill battle

If you follow American politics, you'll probably find these words surprising. Conservatives typically reserve the word “radical” for use alongside “environmentalist," and “conservation” is more often a code word for “tyrannical big... Read More >

A move to getting 'right' on clean energy?

In what passes for public debate on energy, it’s sometimes easy to believe that conservatives are the fossils in fossil fuels and that liberals are loonies leading us to an unreliable future where the sun never sets and the wind always blows.  That can be the view, at least, if you are... Read More >

Greening the Tea Party

There’s a new environmental awareness among Tea Party members in Texas who say that conservation is a conservative value. Carl Lindemann reports that some southern Tea Party members label themselves “green conservatives”, advocating that clean energy can work within the free market... Read More >

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