April 2018 NEWS

Second thoughts on Third Reservoir

After Hurricane Harvey demonstrated the limitations of the Barker and Addicks reservoirs, anybody who knew local history pointed out that the original plans called for developing a third dam to protect downtown Houston from flooding. Were we wrong about the third reservoir?  LEARN MORE> ... Read More >

How can Houston live with the uncertainty of flooding?

A great American city, struck by natural disaster, forever changes the way it thinks about building and planning. That’s not the story of Houston after Hurricane Harvey — yet. It should be. It is, however, the story of California — one that has plenty of lessons to teach us. A... Read More >

Report: Houston region must take fresh approach on flooding

A coalition of local researchers focusing on flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey have released a detailed report calling for the region to rethink what flood mitigation means and how to tackle these efforts. The Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium, a team of experts... Read More >

Report: Solving Houston flooding woes will require wholesale strategy overhaul

A new report by a group of leading Texas researchers details a variety of shortcomings with the Houston area’s current — and proposed — approach to flood control and calls on civil leaders to pursue a multifaceted and regional strategy that ensures that all communities receive... Read More >

Here's what greater Houston can do to mitigate future flooding, according to new study

Flooding in Houston is inevitable, but there are a few ways to reduce the effect it has on people's lives, according to a new study from a coalition of local researchers. A report from the Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium, which is funded through several local and national organizations,... Read More >

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