May 2014 NEWS

Ramping Up

Ramping up—or significantly increasing charitable giving or activities—can be an empowering transition point in your philanthropy, opening possibilities for extending your reach, funding more deeply or in new areas, and having more impact. It can also leave you bewildered by the... Read More >

Agreeing to disagree on state's future water needs

How much more water will Texas really need by 2060?The 2012 state water plan, the state’s strategy for meeting water needs, estimated that Texas would face a shortfall of 2.7 trillion gallons a year by 2060, and that filling the gap would take an estimated $53 billion in new infrastructure.But... Read More >

OP-ED: Greenhouse gas emissions are not our only problem

With all the recent scientific studies, media coverage, and policy decisions about reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, one might think that the emissions issue is the only challenge that results from our demand for electricity. Years of successful advocacy funded by philanthropists and the... Read More >

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