Addressing the interconnected Issues of energy sprawl

In a so-called post-truth era, we are actually collecting more data on a wider variety of factors than ever before. These data sources can — and should — help us to make better decisions on a range of comprehensive issues.

Communicating this data and insight, and the resulting perspectives, is difficult. Each side in the discussion typically focuses on one issue in isolation because it’s easier to report and digest and (as sometimes happens) because the different sides have a specific agenda they hope to influence

Yet the reality is that no singular issue is an island. Issues, related data sets, and the audiences that they affect are interconnected through many strands and threads. We need to study these threads — collaboratively — if we hope to find comprehensive solutions to the issues that we face.

We need to take an approach where multiple stakeholders and experts with different perspectives work in favor of a common, aligned effort — a centralized group whose role is to help stakeholders act in concert. An innovative, structured approach would bridge government, business, philanthropy, communities and other related parties to act on specific complex problems in order to achieve sustainable solutions.





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