The University of Michigan examines innovations at interdisciplinary sustainability institutes at major research universities

THIS IS A NEW STUDY by Andrew J. Hoffman and Jessica L. Axson of the University of Michigan, "Examining Interdisciplinary Sustainability Institutes at Major Research Universities: Innovations in Cross-Campus and Cross-Disciplinary Mode. This report examines the distinctive characteristics, activities, challenges and opportunities of a specific type of sustainability institute, one that spans the many disciplines of the University and, to do so, reports to upper administration (Provost or Vice President.) Among research universities within the Association of American Universities (AAU), 19 are identified and 18 agreed to participate in this study. Directors were sent a 71-question survey in January 2017 that covered issues of Governance, Research, Education, Engagement, Campus Operations and Best Practices.

The study was conducted with financial support from the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation. 



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