March 2018 BLOG POSTS

The need for One Water

Only six months ago, the state of Texas experienced the most significant rain event in its recordable history (Hurricane Harvey). So, many may find it hard to believe that today a majority of Texas is in a state of drought.  For Texans, a boom-and-bust water cycle is no stranger; however,... Read More >

Texas’s swimming holes need One Water

The redbuds are blooming, a sure sign that spring is here with summer heat soon to follow. Summer heat means summer days filled with the gasps and laughter of children as they cannonball into cold, refreshing spring-fed swimming holes like Jacob’s Well, San Solomon Springs, or Barton Springs. ... Read More >

Continuing on a path focused on actionable solutions

Many are still reeling from the sweeping changes the Trump administration has proposed or introduced since January 20, 2017. Regardless of one’s political affiliation, the tremendous forces at work (in terms of their rapidity and depth) are breathtaking—alarming for some and exciting for... Read More >

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