Current Initiatives

As the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation has evolved, issues related to sustainability have come to represent the foundation’s true north, with the growing identification of sustainability as both a process and a goal to ensure long-term human and ecosystem well-being for the planet.

The foundation currently funds four grantmaking programs: 

Sustainability Education
Clean Energy
Shale Sustainability

The foundation is undergoing a transition and is in the midst of a vigorous planning process that will span the next few years. During this transition, our Water, Clean Energy, Shale Sustainability, Sustainability Education, and Cook’s Branch Conservancy programs will continue to operate as they have for the past several years. However, beyond these already established programs, we do not anticipate creating new programs or funding additional program areas until 2018.

As part of this transition, the foundation Board of Directors and staff have launched a process to determine how the grantmaking programs might change and grow in the future. Although details of these programs are yet to be finalized, updated information about grantmaking priorities and how to apply for a grant are available on the foundation’s website.


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